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Список наиболее часто встречающихся аббревиатур в сообщениях на английском языке

«В каждом языке появились свои сокращения для уменьшения количества символов в сообщении, а соответственно и времени написания. Вот список наиболее часто встречающихся аббревиатур в сообщениях на английском языке.»

@ - at
and – any day now
afaik – as far as I know
atb – all the best
b – be
b4 – before
b4n – bye for now
bbl – be back late(r)
bcnu – be seeing you
bff – best friend forever
bfn – bye for now
brb – be right back
btw – by the way
c – see
cu – see you
cul8r – see you later
f2f – face to face
f2t – free to talk
fwd – forward
fwiw – for what it’s worth
fyi – for your information
gal – get a life
gr8 – great
h8 – hate
hand – have a nice day
hth – hope this helps
ic – I see
iluvu, ilu – I love you
imho – in my humble opinion
imo – in my opinion
iow – in other words
jic – just in case
jk – just kidding
kit – keep in touch
kwim – know what I mean?
l8 – late
l8r – later
lol – lots of love; lots of luck; laughing out loud
mob – mobile
msg – message
myob – mind your own business
ne – any
ne1 – anyone
no1 – no one
oic – oh, I see
otoh – on the other hand
pcm – please call me
pls – please
r – are
rofl – rolling on the floor laughing
ru – are you
ruok – are you OK?
sit – stay in touch
som1 – someone
spk – speak
thkq – thank you
thx – thanks
ttyl – talk to you later
tx – thanks
u – you
ur – you are
w/ - with
w/o – without
wan2 – want to
wan2tlk – want to talk?
werv u bin – where have you been?
wknd – weekend
wot – what
wu – what’s up?
x – kiss
xlnt – excellent
xoxoxo – hugs and kisses
yr – your; you’re
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